A Study On Agroclimatic Characterization Of Albanian Territory

Albert Kopali*, Velesin Peçuli, Zydi Teqja, Elison Rota

Agricultural University of Tirana, Tirana.

Coresponding author email: albertkopali@yahoo.it

The studies in agro-ecology, under the conditions of agricultural orientation of Albania make necessary the climate classification of agricultural areas, based on the suitability of agricultural plant groups, whose productivity level and sustainability depend on the performance and fluctuations of climatic elements. The introduction of new cultivation technologies of plants with low environmental impact requires the recognition of environmental features and in particular the climate one with the intention of satisfying the needs of each plant cultivated which is cultivated and spread in that area. To be more precise, the characterization and climatic zoning of the territory is considered to a valuable study in order to determine the most appropriate ecological zones in the country. For purposes of characterization of similar climate zones in the Albanian territory have been taken the historical series of climate data, which have been digitized and processed by applying the method “Cluster analysis” with the view to distinguishing their climate features, which will serve to distinguish the closely-related ecological areas and designing appropriate technologies for cultivation of plants based on such data.

Key words: temperature, precipitation, relative humidity, climatic zone

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