Assessment of the olive territory thrung bio-morphological and geographical analysis.


1 Agricultural University (Gene Bank), Tirana-Albania

2 Research Station on Olive. Peze e vogel. Tirana-Albania

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AbstractAutochthonous germoplasm of the olive with 156 accessions, (O europaea L. ssp. Sativa Hoffm, ssp. O. Oleaster Hoffm, and ssp. Sylvestris), has been analyzed with biological valences of the species (catminate code) and D-GIS (Bioclim / Domain, to identify diversity and suitability of the territory for olive cultivation. Cartography with spatial analysis detects areas of different height diversity levels. (a lot of estimators and variability). In the explored space, 20-37% of the territory resulted excellent for olive cultivation. In the analysis of spatial density, the area of Albania has two major hearths: the Ionian and Adriatic Hearth. In general, 21 genotypes resulted synonyms of 7 standard cv, whereas 21 genotypes resulted homonymous. PCA between correlation matrices of all variables, classified 16 unrelated variables explaining >95 % of total variance. PCoA indexes eigevectors positioned genotypes and their characters according to their degree of variability in negative or positive space. (Axes, x, y and z).

Keyword: O europaea; germoplasm; Autochthonous; diversity; olive

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