Behavior of the “Golden Delicious” cultivar on some clonal rootstocks, in the conditions of Dibra region. 

Telat Spahiu1, Fadil Thomaj2*, Hafuz Domi1


2Agricultural University of Tirana

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Abstract: In this paper we bring data on the behavior of the cultivar “Golden Delicious” on five clonal rootstocks in the conditions of Dibra region. The obtained data showed that Golden, grafted onto the Pi Supporter 80 rootstock, provides a harmonious development between vegetation elements and elements of fructification, while ensuring early entry into production. On MM111 and MM106 rootstocks, a bigger growth is provided but the entry into production is delayed. The M9 rootstock has a more pronounced dwarfing effect, in the condition of this region.

Keywords: rootstock, Golden cultivar, ecological conditions, tree twigs

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