Callus Induction and Adventitious Shoot Regeneration from Different Explants of Rootstocks GF-677 (Prunus amygdalus x P. persica)


1Centre of Agricultural Technology Transfer (ATTC) Vlore

2Department of Horticulture and Landscape Architecture, Agricultural University of Tirana, Tirana, Albania.

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GF-677 is one of the most suitable rootstocks for almond and peach used in calcareous soils to overcome lime induced chlorosis. The objective of this study is the in vitrocultivation of the peach rootstock GF-677, in determining the protocol for inoculation and for micropropagation in the medium, influencing the development and the outgrowth of the rootstock. The present study focused on the effect of different explants of this rootstock on regenerative potential tissue culture techniques. The explants used in the research were  taken from vegetative buds (organized tissues) and internode stem segments (non-organized tissues) sampled in March during the 2010-2012 growing season. Organogenesis and proliferation was obtained on MS [10] medium supplemented with BAP 0.35mg/l and GA3 0.1mg/l. Each treatment includes 4 replications. Results were obtained in the inoculation phase after 40 days. For internodes-explants, percentage of callusogenesis resulted 58%, the number of shoots 1.43, length of shoots 0.87cm, number of leaves 2.34. Best results were taken apex growth- explants, the number of shoots 2.26, length of shoots 1.52 cm and number of leaves 3.53.

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