Climate change impacts: Public policies and perception in Albania

Elona Pojani1*, Perseta Grabova1 and Mimoza Kodhelaj2

1University of Tirana, Department of Finance / Tirana
2Albania Competition Authority / Tirana

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AbstractThe purpose of this paper is to discuss some of the main impacts of climate change in Albania. More specifically the paper will try to analyze the public response toward these new challenges. This analysis will be preceded by a brief review of the international literature regarding climate change consequences. In addition, the paper will discuss public perception and awareness toward climate change. This discussion will be based on a survey which has involved a wide range of population. The main results of the survey show that the level of awareness of the study group (which consisted mainly on high educated participants) about climate change and its relationship with the development is very low. Therefore more emphasis should be put to information regarding environmental issues, through education system and awareness campaigns.

Key words: environment; climate change; public policies; public perception; Albania

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