Clinical findings dictated by subacute rumen acidosis (SARA) condition in cows for milk production

Emilian Shabani*; Vangjel Ceroni

Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Tirana.

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 AbstractThe study was conducted to evaluate the incidence of subacute rumen acidosis in cattle and impact of this situation (SARA) in the pH of the urine, in rumen contractions and faecal physical qualities. In four cows farms were checked 87 samples from rumen content sample through the nasoesophagal probe and equally urine samples at the cows in start of lactation and in middle lactation. All animals were checked clinically for rumen contractions and faecal physical qualities. Esteemed affected by SARA condition, cows which had pH of rumen content 5.5 and less. From the total heads in the experiment were found 24 cows (27.58 %) with SARA condition. Of these, 15 heads (32.6 %) were at the beginning of lactation and 9 heads (21.95%) in mid-lactation. pH of the urine seems influenced by the pH value of the rumen contentst. Among these indicators related to positive character dependency (r = 0403). pH of the rumen contents affects the number of its contractions. The results showed poor korelative and negative character (r = – 0329). Physical qualities and faecal structure were also affected by the pH values ​​of rumen contents. pH of the urine, the number and strength of ruminal movements and with them the changes in the physical structure of faecal can be used for early diagnosis of SARA condition in cows.

Keywords: SARA condition, rumen pH , urine pH, contractions, faecal structure.

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