Communicating for results – organizations in albanian context

Ludmilla Shkurti

Economic Department /Wisdom University /Rruga e Kavajes Condor Center Tirana, Albania

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AbstractDuring the last 30 years, have changed many concepts, and perspectives, on decision-making; from the normative theories that wanted to improve their decision-making technology because of the limited human rationality, to descriptive theories that have studied the reasons for human actions, with the assumption that these were supplied with the content or meaning in the fact that they had, or that the link between action and its meaning was too poor. Organizational theories recognize the central role of information in organizations. Research gets access to communication information, to analyze how an organization is seeking information about alternative courses of action, to develop principles for designing the organizational structure and to understand the processes by which it creates a common interpretation of its environment. But the main concern of this research is managerial decision making in Albanian context and communication of information then is treated as a contribution to this primary activity. Access to information processing in organizational analysis seeks to understand and predict how organizations perceive the incentives, as they interpret as conserve, recover and transmit information, how form judgments and solve problems. A communication model of organizational information will provide us with a theoretical framework for analyzing organizational needs for information in Albanian context, the processes by which information is obtained and used, and the purposes on the basis of which use information. Focusing on organizational behavior using information, this perspective would be a modest contribution to the large number of studies on the application of information technology and information systems in organizations. The paper aims to compare a selection of perspectives and information in organizations in Albanian context in order to identify some conceptual elements that can be used to build a model of the organization of information and the use of it in decision making.

Keywords: communication; information; decision making; technology; rationality

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