Comparison of color parameters of red wines produced from Albanian autochthonous grape varieties using tricromatic method

Ariola Morina*, Renata Kongoli

Agricultural University of Tirana, Faculty of Biotechnology and Food, Kodër Kamëz, Tirane, Albania

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The color represents an important parameter of wine quality. This characterizes sort, type, composition and age of wine. Unlike white wines, the red wine color is determined by the presence of some specific substances – anthocyanic pigments. A big importance on the color of red wine presents tenant substances, acidity, metals, reductive substances. The color of wine is affected by several factors, among the more important being grape variety, pH, temperature, oenological treatments and aging. Research has been made on four red wines from Albanian native grape varieties (Serin i zi, Debin e zeze, Shesh i zi, Kallmet) and two red wines from international grape varieties Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon, grown in Albania. Chromatic characteristics of wines were determined by Spectrophotometric method. For this purpose, the following indicators were measured: the intensity of color, color tint of wine, the percentage of red, yellow and blue color and defined variables X, Y, Z, using the CIE system (Commission Internationale de l’ECLAIRAGE).

Keywords: Red wine, color, ageing in bottle, C.I.E.  variables.

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