Current situation of wood processing industry in Albania


Faculty of Forestry, Agricultural University of Tirana

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AbstractWood processing industry in Albania, as well as many other industries, faces a series of problems, and depends on various factors; factors, which influence the technical and economic indicators of these companies in many different ways. Wood processing industry in Albania is made up of dozens of large companies and hundreds of small and medium enterprises, spread throughout the country, that deal everyday with several technical and organizational problems. The main purpose of this study is the identification of the main problems of wood processing companies operating as limited liability company (l.t.d.).  Clear indicators show the overall situation in the wood processing industry, and suggest possible improvements on the most problematic sectors. The study shows that 68% of these companies deal with manufacturing of furniture, 18% of them deal with production of saw lumber, 10% of them deal with manufacturing of doors, windows; and only 4% of them deal with the manufacturing of other products. Manufacturing of furniture is based mainly on the use of wood panels and MDF; an indicator that shows that the furniture structure has changed a lot in the recent decades.

Keywords: wood processing, industry, raw sawing, competition, cost, production, price, product. 

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