Determination of mycoflora in the rye cob


1P U M, Faculty of Food Technology, Mitrovica

2University of Tirana, Faculty of Natural Sciences, Department of Industrial Chemistry

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AbstractThe aim of this study is to determine the expansion of mycoflora on the rye before harvest and in storage conditions. Environmental temperatures at the time of sampling in rye field (pre-harvest) were 32oC. Determining method was pouring cultivation (veiling) of limit dilutions in Petri plates of 9 cm diameter in two nutritional grounds: Czapek and PDA. After insemination and incubation at temperature of 28oC in wichconducted isolation of moss with greater expansion frequency. The next step was to identify them based on cultural characteristics (phenotypic) and their microscopic appearance by preparing respective preparation. From this study we found out that the in a higher percentage dominates the mold of class Fungi imperfecti– gender Fusarium and Alternaria and less those of the class Ascomycetes – gender Aspergillus and Penicillium.

Key wordsmycoflora, rye, contamination

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