Determination of protein content in the two types of Parkia biglobosa (fermented and unfermented) seeds and seedlings.


Department Of Plant Biology, Faculty Of Science, University Of Ilorin P.M.B 1515, Ilorin, Kwara State, Nigeria.

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Abstract:  The determination of the protein content in two types of Parkia biglobosa seeds (dark brown and reddish brown testa), fermented and unfermented seedlings were analyzed. Three stages were used to determine the protein content which was digestion, distillation and titration. The protein content of fermented seeds of reddish brown testa was found to be 43.09%, fermented seeds of dark brown was 33.25% which indicated that the reddish brown has higher crude protein content. The protein content of unfermented seeds and seedlings of reddish brown testa was 44.41% in resting seed (0 day), 15.31% in 5-day, 9.625% in 12-day and 7.66% in 19-day. The level of protein in the dark brown testa of unfermented seeds was 47.25% in resting seeds (0 day), 14.44% in 5-day, 8.75% in 12-day and 6.78% in 19-day.The result for protein analysis indicates that the seeds contain higher amount of crude protein compared with the fermented seeds and seedlings. This study revealed that the fermented seeds of Parkia biglobosa and the unfermented seeds seemed to be a potential source of protein.

 Keywords: Parkia biglobosa, fermentation, protein, seed testa, seedlings.

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