Diversity of albanian plant genetic resources inventory assesed by eurisco passport descriptors

*Belul Gixhari1, Hairi Ismaili1, Fabjan Lashi2, Alban Ibraliu3, Sonia Dias4

1 Albanian Gene Bank, Agricultural University of Tirana, Tirana, Albania

2  Agri-Bussines and Management Department, Agricultural University of Tirana, Tirana, Albania

3 Plant Production Departments, Agricultural University of Tirana, Tirana, Albania

4EURISCO Coordinator (Bioversity International), Roma, Italy.

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AbstractAssessment of diversity of Albanian National Inventory is carried out using import statistics by passport descriptors from Plant Genetic Resources database.  Flora of Albania identified more than 3 250 species of plants, but only 2% of them are included in the National Inventory (NI) of Albania in EURISCO catalogue. Albanian National Inventory of Plant Genetic Resources in EURISCO (2% of Albanian Flora) includes 33 genera, 62 species and 2111 accession, where 54% of them are collected genetic materials. Detailed analysis shows that collected genetic material is the principal source of diversity of Albanian NI in EURISCO. Principal component analysis and comparisons of diversity indices show the descriptors as TAXON, CROPNAME, COLLGEM, GEODATA, NOGEODATA, COLLDATE > Y.2000, COLLDATA < Y.2000, COLLDATE > Y.2000, COLLCODE-GB, SAMPSTAT-100, COLLSRC-10, COLLSRC-20 and COLLSRC-40 present higher range of diversity and were the principal source of variation that contribute more than otheron diversity degree of Albanian NI of PGR in EURISCO. Multivariate correlation analysis show very high positive correlation among COLLGEM and GEODATA, NO-GEODATA, COLLDATE, COLLCODE, SAMPSTAT-100, and COLLSRC-10 passport descriptors. There were higher relationships between collected genetic materials and GEODATA descriptors (latitude, longitude, elevation), COLLDATA, COLLCODE and COLLSRC.

Key words: National Inventory, passport descriptors, genetic diversity.

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