Effect of rootstock diameter on apple saplings growth

Vahid AVDIU1*, Fadil THOMAJ2, Sylë SYLANAJ1, Endrit KULLAJ2

1University of Pristina, Faculty of Agriculture & Veterinary, Department Horticulture, Fruit growing and Viticulture. Str. “Bill Klinton” Pristina, Kosovo

2Faculty of Agriculture and Environment, Department of Horticulture, Tirana, Albania

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This research paper presents the results of a field trial with managed nursery trees including two apple cultivars Golden Reinders and Gala Galaxy on the rootstocks M9 and MM 106.

In April 2011, the saplings (bench grafted in March 2011) were planted in the distance 100 cm x 35 cm in randomized block design in threecombinations of rootstock diameters (5-7 mm, 7-9 mm, 9-11 mm) with threereplications (in total 60 saplings for each apple cultivar-rootstock and combinations) in Mirovica, Kosovo. The following parameters were examined: growth, rootstock diameter, scion diameter, and stocks growth dynamic. The experimental design was a ANOVAs one-way analysing two different factors cultivars, rootstocks types and treatments (three combinations of rootstocks diameter). Significant differences were found in scion thickness and sapling growth among the three different combinations of rootstock diameter, dimensions and cultivars. Insignificant were differences were found within factors as cultivar, rootstock and their combinations

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