Effects ofcoatings on storability of carrot under evaporative coolant system.

Adetunji Charles Oluwaseun1*, Arowora Kayode1, Fawole Oluyemisi Bolajoko 2, Adetunji Juliana Bunmi3

1Nigerian Stored Products research Institute, Km 3 Asa dam road, P. M. B. 1489, Ilorin.

2University of Ilorin, Department of Agonomy, P. M. B. 1515, Ilorin, Kwara State

3University of Ilorin, Department of Biochemistry, P. M. B. 1515, Ilorin, Kwara State

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Abstract: Four different coatings were developed from the Mucilage of Cactus and their effects were investigated on the quality and storability of carrot fruits. The four experimental coatings were: Puremucilage extracts (ME), Mucilage extract mixed with 5ml glycerol (MEG), Mucilage Extract mixed 5ml soy oil ( MESO), Mucilage extract mixed with 5ml olive Oil (MEOO) theadditionof oil served as plasticizer. The following parameters were measured : weight loss, ascorbic acid content, pH, firmness and microbial qualities. Four hundred and eighty (480) carrotwere arranged randomly into five treatments, the control (untreated) and four coating treatments were stored for seven weeks under Evaporative Coolant System(ECS). Prior to storage, the carrot samples were surface sterilized using 100mg/L sodium hypochlorite. Results showed that Cactus mucilage was effective in extending the shelf-life of Carrot when compared to untreated control in the following order: MESO>MEOO>MEG>ME>Control. Results revealed that coatings hindered the growth of microorganisms significantly (P<0. 05).

Keywords:DaucuscarotaL, Evaporative Coolant System(ECS), storability, Cactus mucilage, Plasticizers, Edible coating. 

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