Genetic and Filogenetic Characterization of some Newcastle Strains Isolated from Poultry in Albania


1“Aiba” Company, Durres-Albania

²Institute of Food Safety and Veterinary Research; Department of Virology and Bacteriology, Tirana-Albania

³Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Agricultural University of Tirana, Tirana-Albania

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Abstract section. In this study, we present the molecular characterization and phylogenetic analysis of  three strains of NDV, isolated from the Tirana region in Albania during the 2011-2014 years. Three strains with  number  28, 29 and 31, isolated  from  a different  farm of  poultry in  Tirana  Region (Rural flocks), which  were diagnosed clinically with the ND. The Intracerebral Pathogenicity Index in SPF bird one day old was determined by doing the proteolytic sequencing at the cleavage, and  specifying the  aminoacid motif at proteolytic cleavage site. More over we performed  BLAST search and phylogenetic analysis of obtained  RNA sequences. All strains replicated well  in the SPF –chicken emryo eggs. The isolates   displayed  an aminoacid  motif  at the proteolytic  cleavage site  at the Fusion (F) protein with multiple basic  amino acids as a well  a Phenylalanine  on position 117. For one isolate (28) numerous nucleotide  positions  had signals  for at last  two nucleotides, making  it imposible  to conclude  on a specific sequence. The  pathogenicity of all three isolates (28, 29 and 33), was assessed by the analysis of the F protein  cleavage site and  by standart ICPI. The ICPI (pathogenicity index) of our strains varies from  of 1.85, 2 and 1.75, respectively which according [19,7] are typical  for velogenic  strains of  NDV. We found that  two  NDV strain  has a most close genetic relationship with  the Serbia 2007 NDV, having 98% similarity at nucleotide level.Velogenic  viscerotropic  strains are considered endemic in our country.

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