Heavy metals determination and assessment in a petroleum impacted River in the Niger Delta Region of Nigeria

H.I Owamah

Department of Civil Engineering, Landmark University, P.M.B.1001, Omu-Aran, Kwara State, Nigeria.

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AbstractThe concentrations of heavy metals in (mg/g) of Pb, Ni, Cu, Cr, Fe, Co, Cd, and Hg in the water and sediments of river Ijana Warri, were determined in order to assess the impact of petroleum-processing activities on the river and the surrounding environment. The data showed that the levels of these metals ranged between 0.15-1.18 mg/g and 0.10-0.48 mg/g in sediment and water respectively. The heavy metals concentrations reported for the water have an abundance trend in the order of Pb>Fe>Ni>Cr>Cu>Co> Cd >Hg, while those of the sediments is in the order of Pb > Fe > Cr > Ni > Cu > Cd > Hg > Co. The control analysis was carried out in a non- oil polluted river (Ikpoba River) and the values served as base line values for the study.

Keywords .Heavy metals, Oil pollution, EnvironmentSediment accumulation

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