Identification of Microorganisms in Fresh and Dried Fruits Cultivated, Imported and Consumed in Tirana City


1Institute of Public Health, Tirana, Albania

2“Ungjillezimi” Clinic, Tirana, Albania

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Fruits products contamination present a particular concern for human health, since many of these products are raw consumed without any prior treatment, which would eliminate or reduce biological, microbiological or physical risks. The aim of this study is to gather basic information on microbiological quality in fresh and dried fruits, which are traded currently in Tirana, as this city presents almost one third of Albania. This study was conducted during the period November 2010-March 2013 in Tirana’s main markets. In total were collected 257 samples, 174 samples are dried fruit and 83 samples are fresh fruit. Each sample of fresh fruits was analyzed for bacteria, molds and yeast, but dried fruits were analyzed only for molds and yeast. In fresh fruits we didn`t found Staphylococcus aureus and Bacillus cereus, but we detected presence of Aerobic mesophilic count plate 1.2%, Coliform total 2.4% and E. coli 1.2%. Also we found presence of mold and yeast for potential health hazard in 4.8% and 2.4% respectivilly. The results for dried fruits were 22.4% of them have indicated potential health hazard with mold, while yeast in 8.6%. Mold and yeast were the most frequent contaminants of fresh and dried fruits sold in trades of Tirana. Although fresh fruits have a lower microbiological contamination, but the dried fruits resulted in a considerable pollution from mold and yeast.

Keywords: fresh and dried fruits, bacteria, mold, yeast, trade

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