Impact of Herbicides upon dynamic of the nitrogen in Soils

R. Cheloufi1, A. Zouaoui²*, H. Messaadia3

1Magister, u d’El Tarf.

2Maitre de conférences A, u. Batna.

3Maitre de conférences B, responsable de laboratoire de biologie des sols, u. Batna.

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AbstractThe results focus on the variable influence of two herbicides Topic and ZOOM, on the organic nitrogen mineralization in two types of soils, clay-sandy and sandy. It was noted that the effects of the herbicide Topic are generally positive on nitrogen mineralization, whatever the type of soils. It is advisable or even necessary to make contributions of fresh organic matter that promotes on one hand, stimulation of the microflora and allow in other part the reorganization of humic elements avoiding leaching and groundwater pollution.

Key words: herbicides ZOOM and Topic, microflores, mineralization of nitrogen, soils 

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