Impact of Rural Entrepreneurship on Poverty Alleviation-study of Rural India


1PhD student, Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences, SzentIstvánUniversity ,Godollo Hungary

2Associate Professor, Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences, SzentIstván University, Godollo Hungary

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The main purpose of this study to analyse relationship between rural entrepreneurship, development, and poverty alleviation. In rural areas, despite trending policies and law many people continue to live below the poverty line. A key solution to this situation is establishment of entrepreneurship in rural areas. These entrepreneurial programs provide income opportunities to the people in rural area, giving them a chance to prove their talent, indigenous activities as well prevent rural to urban migration in search of better chances of livelihood. Increase in rural entrepreneurship goes hand in hand with depreciation in poverty.

According to researchers point of view increased awareness in developing and encouraging rural entrepreneurship may reduce poverty from rural India as well as bolster the growth of rural areas, increase their standard of living as well implement more creative and innovative thinking thus laying the frontiers of education in the minds of rural people. In the present study, it has been indicated negative relationship between rural entrepreneurship development and poverty alleviation.

Keywords: entrepreneurship, poverty alleviation, rural India.

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