Interaction of benzylaminopurine (bap) and indol butiric acid (iba) on root induction in Olea europea L.

Adhurim Lazaj1, Petrit Rama2, Bari Hodaj2,Edlira Kukali2

 1Centre of Agricultural Technology Transfer (ATTC), Vlore

 2Agricultural University of Tirana, Albania

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Abstract: Olive, var. “Kokërr Madhi I Beratit”is an important table variety for Albania. Also this is one of the major difficulties with respect to vegetative propagation from leafy stem cuttings. Leafy stem cuttings of olive cv. “Kokër Madhi i Beratit” were obtained from 1-year-old olive shoots sampled on 25 April during the 2012 growing season. The shoots were collected at the same height of crown of the tree to avoid the effect of juvenility on root induction. To improve the rooting of olive cuttings, different concentrations of BAP (6-Benzyl aminopurine),100ppm, 150ppm, 200ppm and250ppm were tested in combination with IBA (Indol Butiric Acid)4000ppm. After treatments the stem cuttings were planted in greenhouse equipped with an automatic mist system. At 50 days after the beginning of rooting treatments, cuttings were scored for the presence of callus, percentage of rooted cuttings, root number per cutting and root length. BAP inhibits adventitious root formation, but adding it to IBA in a small ratio (1:30-1:40) improved the rooting. The combination of IBA 4000ppm + 100ppm (40:1) and IBA 4000ppm+150ppm BAP modified significantly higher rooting of cuttings. Those combinations of growth stimulators induce also a higher number of roots per cutting in comparison with those treated with IBA alone, but the difference was not verifiable

Key words: olive, root, shoot, Benzylaminopurine, Indol Butyric Acid

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