Legal issues on subsidies of endangered animal breeds in Albania and their need for improvement in light of international and EU legislations

Andon Kume

Faculty of Law, University of Macerata, Italy

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Abstract: The Albanian legislation treats partially and as separate matters issues related to subsidies for endangered animal breeds. In order to approximate this legislation with the international and EU member states one, these issues are to be treated and developed as integral part of agriculture and sustainable rural development legislation. This legislation should clarify specifically the concept of animal breed that may be subject to subsidise. A legal framework should be developed in order to create and update the “Red Book” for endangered animal breeds. The legislation should define the criteria and the methodological principles, according to which the subsidy measures for animal breeds at risk are to be assessed. The subsidy should aim to reduce financial losses caused by raising these breeds.

Key words: breed at risk, subsidies, legislation

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