Logistic Equation and its Application as Forecasting Model of Vegetables Production in Greenhouses in Albania

Valentina Shehu1*

1University of Tirana, Albania

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Correct forecasting is of a great importance for the business and economy of the country.  To comprehend the market and the economic system, mathematical models are used to describe and predict the future of situation. Agriculture is the spinal column of Albania’s economic activity and the last 20 years free market experience has given a demonstration of the high correlation between agricultural progress and the economic development. Producing greenhouse-grown vegetables can result a beneficial activity, but it is a hard and complicated investment. The greenhouse technology is one of great innovation in agriculture. Agricultures methods must be combined with technical knowledge, marketing must be planned before harvest, and every phase of process should be well-managed. In this paper it is studied and applied the logistic growth model for forecasting the production of vegetables in greenhouse. The results of this paper show that the logistic S-shaped curve is a mathematical model to characterize the progress of innovation in agriculture. Also, the logistic equation can be used to describe and predict the production of vegetables in greenhouses in Albania.

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