Modification Of Photoperiod In Reproduction Of European Seabass (Dicentrarchus Labrax).

Edmond Hala

Agricultural University of Tirana, Faculty of Agriculture and Environment, Department of Animal Production, Kodër Kamëz, Tirana, Albania.

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The modification of photoperiod is routinely used in aquaculture with the aim to enhance production by manipulating the timing of reproduction in several important fish species. In European sea bass was proved that photoperiod manipulation plays an important role in different aspects of reproduction performance. The present study review the effects of photoperiod modification on some physiological aspects related to period of spawning, sexual differentiation and early puberty of the sea bass kept in culture conditions. Long photoperiod followed by short ones and appliedbefore the summer solstice, produce advancements of reproductive period, but . Long photoperiod followed by short ones and applied after the summersolstice, produce delays of reproductive period. The modification of photoperiod offers the possibility of controlling the sexual differentiation of sea bass, but is necessary more work to unveil many of its mechanisms of action. The sea bass in culture conditions face the problem of early maturing males or precocious males. Applying the modified photoperiod in a specific time of early gonadal development can reduce the number of the early maturing males of sea bass.

Keywords: photoperiod; sea bass; reproduction.

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