Morphological characterization of some maize landraces

Fetah Elezi1*, Kostandin Hajkola2, Alban Ibraliu3

1*Center for Genetic Resources, Agricultural University of Tirana, Rr. Siri Kodra, Tirana, ALBANIA

2Agricultural Technology Transfer Center, Shkodër, ALBANIA

3Department Plant Production Agricultural University of Tirana, Kodër Kamëz, Tirana, ALBANIA

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AbstractWorking group of Agricultural University of Tirana, supported by Seednet Project, collected some local maize populations during 2009-2010 in different areas of Albania. The genetic material need to characterization and evaluation for preservation at Gene Bank. The evaluation process involved the following elements: to male flowering, female flowering, during of plant period, plant height, ear height, stay green, number of leaves above the uppermost ear including ear leaf, stem color, tassel type. The results showed that the evaluated landraces have difference from our investigation, it emerged that the difference between the male flowering and female flowering was 2-9 days and the plant period was short in most part of the populations. The short vegetative period made possible the increase of their cultivation in the hill and mountain areas and in areas without irrigation. The statistical cluster analyses was accomplished the data collected on morph biological descriptors, processed through by Hierarchical Clustering Method and identified three varietal groups characterized according to metrical parameters and the locations of origin are identified.

 Key Words: descriptors, metrical parameters, populations, tassel. 

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