Pathologic Findings in Dogs Died of CPV-2 in Kosovo


1Veterinary Clinic “Veterina”, Kamenicë, Kosova

2Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Agricultural University of Tirana, Tirana, Albania

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A necropsy was carried out in 14 puppies died from hemorrhagic enteritis, suspected of CPV-2. All 12 puppies belonged to the shelter of stray dogs of Rahovec from the communities of Gjakova, Rahovec, Kamenica and Peja. Based on a rapid test for CPV-2 antigen detection, 12 puppies tested positive for CPV-2, one was identified with clostridial infection and one resulted negative for CPV-2. The most lesion-pronounced organs affected by CPV-2 were the small intestine and duodenum. In most cases, the small intestine was congested containing hemorrhagic liquids. The serosal surface of the small intestine in four CPV-2 positive puppies had a granular appearance seen often during acute CPV-2 enteritis and the mucosal surface was congested, hemorrhagic and covered by exudate. At the histopathological examination of intestine sections the most prominent features observed were severe necrosis of epithelial cells, intestinal villi atrophy, dilated capillary vessels and desquamation of the epithelium. Anatomohistopathologic diagnosis is a tool that complements and supports best the diagnosis of CPV-2 enteritis.

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