Physical, Chemical and Performance Evaluation of Different Commercial Brands of Layers, Broilers Starter and Finisher Feeds.

Johnson O. Oyedeji*1, Titilayo C. Olupitan1, Helen I. Ajayi1, James I. Imouokhome1, Olujumoke O. Sonuyi1 And O. Iyede1

 1 Department of Animal Science and Animal Technology, Faculty of Agriculture and Agricultural Technology, Benson Idahosa University, Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria

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Abstract: In completely randomized design that comprised two studies, physical, chemical and performance evaluations were conducted to determine the quality of commercial four layers feeds, three broiler starter and three broiler finisher feeds. In study 1, eighty 20-week in–lay black harco hens were used in four replicate groups to evaluate the effects of the selected layer feeds on their laying performance for twelve weeks. While in study 2, seventy two broiler chicks were used (0-8 weeks) in three replicate groups to evaluate the broiler feeds. All feeds were packaged in standard polyethylene woven bags with no presence of insects or mould. All feeds were in mash form except two layers feeds in crumbled form and one pelleted feed. There were also variations in crude protein, crude fat and crude fibre contents of the various feeds as analyzed. There were no significant differences in Hen Day Production and egg diameters(P>0.05). However, total number of eggs laid and egg weight were significantly reduced among hens on two treatments(P<0.05). The highest cost of producing a dozen eggs was recorded with the pelleted feed(P<0.05). There were significant differences in feed intake, weight gain and feed conversion ratio among broilers on the different treatments(p<0.05), with the poorest performance recorded among broilers fed starter and finisher feeds from same producer. Percentage mortality was however not significant (p>0.05). It was concluded that none of the feeds investigated met all the requirements of an ideal feed either for broilers or layers.

Keywords: Harco hens, layers feed, hen day production, egg weight, broilers, weight gain

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