Preliminary Data from Study of Some Biological Qualities of three Strains of Newcastle Virus, Isolated From Pigeons

Marsel BORAKAJ1, Luljeta QAFMOLLA2

1Aiba Compani- Durrës-Albania

2Institute of Food Safety and Veterinary Medicine, Tirana-Albania

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Three virus of illness of new castle with origin from pigeons are isolated from sick pigeon during the years 2012-2013 in our country. Those viral strains are study in laboratory for some of their biological quality as are: Agglutination of erythrocytes of the horse, medium time of the death of the embryo where has result that viruses that we are mentioned doesn’t agglutinate erythrocytes of the horse and have a medium time of the death of the embryo beginning from 68 hour, since on 98 hour. Beside those qualities are studies and thermo stability of agglutinins, thermo stability which, is presented in summary table is the same for all strains. Also we have study and pathogen in chickens. This pathogenitet is zero, so, strains of pigeons aren’t pathogen for poultry, even though have flow from them according [3]. A biological quality studied from our side is and index of cerebral pathogen of those strains . The received data from our side tell that those strains have different index, but all of them, these strains, have index pathogens in limit from 1-1.75 where according [12] enter in group of mezzo gen virus. Also we have studied and level of anti troops that produce these strains in poultry 3 weeks , and the evolution of strains. Also we have study and Tetris of anti troops in pigeons we have isolated corresponding strains. More details, the mentioned data are present in below table. Study of this qualities is made partial in our country and partial in Institution Friedrich- Loffler-Germany.

Keywords: pigeons, newcastle disease virus, illness, agglutinin.

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