Social impact caused by european economical recession in food business operators of industrial zone Tirana-Durres in Albania


Department of Agrarian Policies, Faculty of Economy and Agro-business, Agriculture University of Tirana, Kamez, Tirana Albania

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AbstractThis study aims to explore situation of the Albania Food industry in relation to the European recession to clarify mainly negative effects to food business operators along the corridor Tirana-Durres and to identify social problems caused by this impact. Effect of economical European crisis in food operators of corridor Tirana-Durres causing slightly increase of unemployment and increase of food prices. Our study has evaluated the unemployment situation and food retail prices using data analyzing methodology for three big food processing companies located in this area. From study results was concluded that unemployment is slightly increased a respectively was evaluated as following. For first company unemployment has been increased with 2, 8%, however for second company it was increased with 2, 1% and forthird company it was increased with 1, 8%. Food retail prices produced by these companies are increased referring to food prices evaluated on 2009. Retail food prices are increased respectively for three food kinds. Beer retail prices produced by first company are increased with 3, 8%, dried sausages retail prices produced by second Company are increased with 2.5%. According to study results is confirmed also slightly increase of UHT milk product produced by third company with average value 1, 9%. Even thought there is no big difference between previous values for unemployment and retail prices in 2009 and results found in 2010-2011 confirmed that social impact of crises is evident because of increase of unemployment and food prices cause decrease of incomes for families living in Tirana and in Albania.

Key word: social, impact, crisis, recession, food.

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