Soil moisture distribution over time in a clay loam soil in Kosovo

Abdullah Nishori1*, Besnik Gjongecaj2Demë Abazi3

1Regional Environmental Center, Field Office, Prishtina, Kosovo

2Department of Agro-environment and Ecology, Agricultural University of Tirana, Albania

3Public Water Management Company, “Ibër Lëpenc”, Prishtina, Kosovo

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AbstractStudying the soil moisture distribution over time in a given soil profile is the object of the present study. The way the soil moisture gets distributed over soil profile depends particularly on the soil texture and on the soil suction gradients developed. However, it changes continuously over time for a given soil depth. The method of determining the soil moisture distribution over time is based on the measuring of soil moisture suctions developed and the soil moisture contents in various times, but in a given soil depth (internal drainage method) [7]. The soil depths under investigation are four, starting from 0cm to 60cm, which means that the most important depth of soil profile is considered. Such measurements are supposed to be done over soil profile when the soil water flow is already ceased, in the conditions of preventing the evaporation [1, 7, and 9]. Therefore, to determine the soil moisture distribution over time, a plot of 8m x 6m or 48 m2 with no plants was set. The tensiometers and the electronic devices for soil moisture content measurements were installed in four soil depths. The plot was previously wetted and covered by a plastic to prevent the evaporation. In this way, it was made sure that the only possibility for water is to move internally, which gave us the opportunity to measure the changes in soil water content and in soil water suction over time. The final result showed that the dependency of soil water suction and soil moisture content over time is a power function (expressed as a semi logarithmic function, basically).

Keywords: soil moisture content • soil moisture suction • tensiometer • unsaturated soil • soil water flow • preventing evaporation • soil texture • internal drainage method

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