Storage protein-2 as a dependable biochemical index for screening germplasm stocks of the silkworm Bombyx mori (L.)

Jingade H. Anuradha*; Perumal Somasundaram; S. Vishnupriya and A. Manjula

Central Sericultural Germplasm Resources Centre, Central Silk Board, Thally Road, Hosur, Tamil Nadu-635 109, India.

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Storage protein (SP-2) variation was investigated among selected silkworm germplasm stocks representing two major potential sericulture areas of India. The expression levels of storage protein varied among them, as seen in Sodium Dodecylsulfate Polyacrylamide Gel Electrophoresis (SDS-PAGE), which correlated with their geographical origin. The storage protein variation is an inter origin variability and this differential expression of the protein is helpful to tag the robustness of the breed/race associated with parentage and their origin. Present study revealed that silkworm races/breeds viz., LMO, Kolar Gold and A4e possess higher protein content among the races studied. This may be correlated with their robustness reflecting higher survival rate in the varied environments prevailing in the tropical zone. Such identified races can be conserved as storage protein rich genetic stocks for their maximal genetic potentials and high-grade silk productivity.

Key Words: sericulture, parentage, protein expression, races, robustness, silk productivity

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