Study of plant diversity in the river upstream of Prizreni Lumbardh

Simir Krasniqi, Albert Kopali2*, , Elison Rota2,

1Department of vocational education, Prizren, Kosovo

2Department of Agro-environment and EcologyAgricultural University of Tirana, Tirana, Albania

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Abstract: Protecting biodiversity in natural spaces, and hence the spontaneous flora, has become nowadays one of the main aims in determining appropriate intervention strategies and territorial management. Preserving biodiversity is one of the priority objectives, the implementation of which is related to the sustainable development of society. Faced with problems created by human activities that have led to a breakdown of eco-systemic balances require a special attention not only to maintain but also for the recognition of biological assets in different areas. Recognition of the importance of biodiversity in general and in particular it is an herbal towards sustainable work study. Identification of spontaneous flora gets an even greater significance when a significant part of it in certain areas remains unknown. Her study not only descriptive value but especially ecological values, because it determines the presence of important functions in ecosystems, a better understanding of which leads to increase their sustainability. The aim of this study was the recognition of plant biodiversity (spontaneous flora) upstream of Lumbardh of Prizren, Kosovo and the impact of human activities on it. The aim of the analysis is the verification of flora present in the upstream and drawing conclusions regarding the conservation and protection of spontaneous flora.

Key words: biodiversity, spontaneous flora, vegetation, plant communities 

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