Studying the Intensity of Physiological and Genetic Processes in Plants Treated with Maleic Hydrazide


1Genetic Resources Institute of National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan, AZ1106, Baku, Azerbaijan

2Baku State University, AZ 1148, Baku, Azerbaijan

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Different plant species were analysed for the changes in the physiological and genetic processes in response to the maleic hydrazide treatment. Treatments at very low doses increased the germination of seeds as compared to the control in all tested plants. Stimulation of growth processes caused by the influence of 0,001% MH, accompanied by a decrease in the activity of DNA synthesis, increase of the amounts of RNA, the transcriptional activity of the DNA, fraction of euchromatin DNA in the nucleus and the ratio of labile DNA fraction to stable. This event approves the fact that maleic hydrazide in small doses significantly activates metabolism and significantly intensifies the life of the plant.

Keywords: maleic hydrazide, germination, nucleic acids, wheat, rye, triticale

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