Taurine as an Important Nutrient for Future Fish Feeds of Aquaculture in Albania


1Department of Aquaculture and Fishery, Agricultural University of Tirana, Albania

2Faculty of Veterinary, Agricultural University of Tirana, Albania

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Taurine is a sulfonic acid found in high concentrations in animal tissues. In recent years, a number of studies have demonstrated the essentiality of dietary taurine for many commercially relevant species, especially marine teleosts. Consequently, the removal of taurine-rich dietary ingredients such as fishmeal may create a deficiency, of which symptoms include reduced growth and survival, increased susceptibility to diseases, and impaired larval development. These symptoms emphasize the systemic role of taurine in the animal’s physiology and provide few clues as to the underlying mechanisms of taurine function. Furthermore, these findings can be extremely helpful for the preparation of recommendations to improve the developing aquaculture industry in Albania.

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