The Effect of Herbagreen Fertilizer Nanoparticles in Wheat Productivity Through Leaf Pulverization


¹PhD student, University of Korça “Fan. S. Noli”, Korçe -Albania

²Faculty of Agriculture and Environment, Agricultural University of Tirana, Tirana-Albania

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The purpose of this research is to further establish a possible significant influence of TMA calcite treatment (Herbagreen organic leaf fertilizers) on improvement of physical properties and productivity in crops (wheat). This fertilizer is produced through the Tribomechanic Micronization and Activation processes (TMA). The calcite TMA is performed in a specially built machine called Activator; machine invented and patented by the scientist Tihomir Lelas. The calcite particles are grinded in nano dimensions and ion charged increasing benefits for the treated plant.Herbagreen is 100% bio nutrient (containing Calcium oxide CaO 35,9%, magnesium oxide (MgO) 1,9%, Silicium dioxide SiO2 18,1%, Phosphorus P2O5 0,28%, potassium oxide (K2O) 0,1%, Sulfur (S) 0,52% and some others microelements in 1 μm granules). Once nanoparticles of Herbagreen are absorbed by leaf stomas, calcite particles split into CO₂ (carbon dioxide) and CaO (calcium oxide) generating additional sources of calcium for the plant. The calcium, which is the most relevant element in Herbagreen, is essential for strengthening the structure and healthy growth of plants. After the split of calcite particles absorbed by the treated plant, we provide additional (CO2) supplement which increases photosynthesis and reduces photorespiration by limiting unnecessary evaporation. Based on researches on this argument carried out in several countries and referring to results of our experiment, we conclude that Herbagreen increases the productivity of plants by about 30% compared to “classical” fertilization.

Keywords: Herbagreen, nano-particles, calcium, photosynthesis, productivity.

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