The Influence and the Determination of the Doses of Fertilizers on the Growth of Cucumber in Greenhouses


1Department of AgroEnvironment and Ecology, Agricultural University of Tirana, Tirana -Albania

2Department of Economics, Faculty of Economy, University of Vlora, Albania

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The cucumber is the second most important plant cultivated in greenhouses in our country. The nutrition has great influence in the growth of this plant. This study aims to define the best doses of fertilizer at the “short fruit ” type in the solar greenhouses, and to find out the best combination of the organic fertilizer with the crystalline chemical one as well which are actually in market. The evidence is a study with two factors, one of different doses of crystalline fertilizer combining with or without organic fertilizer. The Crystalline chemical fertilizer which are content by combinations of NPK, are used in additional fertilizing during all plant vegetation process through irrigating dripping system, while those organic fertilizing are thrown into basic fertilizing. The results of study show that the basic organic fertilizing by dose of 100 quintal/acres combined with the crystalline fertilizer by dose of 90-150 kg la NPK/acres ensures the highest productivity of the “short fruit” cucumber plant in the solar greenhouse.

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