The role of railway infrastructure on the tourism development (case Albania)

Fabjola Bramo*,

Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Albania, Tirana, Albania

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AbstractInfrastructure is an important factor that affects the economic development of a country. Railway infrastructure is considered one of the most economic means of transport. On the other hand, tourism has begun to be recognized in recent years as one of the most profitable industries and with a secure future, especially for countries still underdeveloped. Albania has a strategic position in the Balkans and has great tourist resources as land, water, cultural and historical as well. Albanian Railways is underdeveloped and this transport is not frequented by people. Construction of Corridor VIII rail that is supposed to connect the Adriatic Sea with the Black Sea will serve as a key factor in the economic development of Albania.

Keywords: tourism development, railways, rail corridor VII, benefits, tourist resources

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