The Study of Adaptation of the New Peach Cultivars in the Agricultural Region of Vlora

Bardhosh Ferraj1, Ariola B. Feraj2, Athina gjyli3, Ramo Merkohitaj3

1 Department of Horticulture, Agricultural University of Tirana, Tirana, Albania

2 Department of International Relations, University of Tirana, Tirana, Albania

Center for Technology Transfer, Vlora, Albania

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Drupaceous fruits are placed in the first place in the species structure of Albania’s farms. To anticipate problems in the development of arboriculture and market production, scientific institutions have started a research to find possible solutions for the development of this sector. This is the reason why through collaboration between, CTT Vlore & IAM Bari was made possible to bring from Italy during the years 2000-2001, 96 cultivars of peaches, plums, cherries, apricots, nectarines, almonds. These cultivars dominate the production markets of the Mediterranean countries. In this project were included 21 peach cultivars 10 years old, rootstocks, planting material of basic category, clear of viruses and other pathogens. As the main rootstocks were selected GF 677 and MRS 2/5.

To study the behavior, adaptability and productivity of the peach cultivars, in the warm coastal areas, specialists from the Agriculture University of Tirana and Center for Technology Transfer in Vlora carried out a number of tests and evaluations during a three year period.

At the end of the study it resulted that the cultivars with a very early maturation better adapted in the coastal areas were: ‘Cardinal’, ‘May Crest’, and ‘Spring Crest’. The cultivars with early maturation and consolidated productivity were: “Red Haven”, “Bolero”, “Dixired”, “Early Crest”, “Iris Rosso”. Cultivars with an average maturation period were: “Red Haven Bianca”, “Red Top”, “Regina Bianca”, “Sun Crest”. The most suitable cultivars with a delayed maturation period are considered: “Big Moon”, “Domiziana”, “Haile”, “Laure”, “Maria Delizia”, “Rome Star”, “Pontina” and “Red Cal”. The only cultivar with a very delayed maturation is “Padana”.

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