The Use Of Corn Starch On In Vitro Propagation Of Plum

Valdete Vorpsi, Petrit Rama*, Bari Hodaj

Agricultural University of Tirana, Albania

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Research in the field of in vitro cultivation of plants is designed in two aspects: to reduce costs and to take the highest coefficient of survival plants per explant. The using of corn starch instead of agar as a gelling agent and cheap alternative for plum cv. Shengjine was investigated on in vitro propagation media. Explants from plum single node and shoot apicals were subcultured onto MS/2 macro-elements and MS/2 microelements medium. Three levels of corn starch as gelling agent at concentration of 6 g/l (similar to agar concentration), 50 and 70 g/l respectively and an agar mediun of 6g/l were evaluated using apical shoot explants of plum cv. Shëngjine. Shoot tip explants were planted singly into test tubes containing ten millilitres each of multiplication medium gelled in the above concentrations and placed on shelves under 14 h photo period supplied by white flurescent tubes. Temperature was maintained at 24±2°C. Corn starch at above concentrations maintained gel integrity throughout the culturing period 42 days. The highest number of shoots/explants after 6 weeks (2,4 and 2,55) was achieved in medium with 50 g/l corn starch and in the medium with 6 g/l Agar. Corn starch had no significant effect in the number of shoots per explant in the height of shoots compared with Agar. While the number, the length and the thickness of the root was better in Agar medium.

Key words: plum, agar, corn starch, gelling, indol butiric aciod, explant

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