Formation of Grain Quality in Bread Wheat Varieties under Mil-Garabakh Region of Azerbaijan: Az Wheat


1Azerbaijan Scientific Research Crop Husbandry Institute

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Grain quality in bread wheat varieties was studied under Mil-Garabakh region of Azerbaijan. It was revealed that in these conditions the gluten content was relatively high, while the quality of gluten determined by DCO and sedimentation index was low. Apparently, this is due to the fact that in Tartar AIA ЗОС during grain ripening period temperature was high. Usually under these conditions, high bread baking quality of wheat grain was not formed. However, bread obtained from varieties Girmizi bugda, Azeri, Gobustan, Murov with high gluten content and low DCO had good quality.

Keywords: bread wheat, quality, sedimentation, gluten content, baking quality

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