Study and possible middle-term developments of the Albanian legislation relevant to Access and Benefit Sharing Related to Animal Genetic Resources

Andon Kume*1

1Lector, PhD, University “AleksanderMoisiu” Durrës, Albania

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The analysis of the Albanian legislation shows that when addressing issues relevant to Conservation, Sustainable Economic Development and use of Farm Animal Genetic Resources, no attention is paid for issues related to access and benefit sharing.By signing the Nagoya Protocol on February, 28, 2013, Albania is obliged to draft legislation in accordance and pursuant to the requirements of this Protocol.The middle term process of legislation development should treat with priority issues related to (i)access to Animal Genetic Resources; (ii) sharing of benefits arising from the utilization of such resources; (iii) access to traditional knowledge associated with AnGR and (iv) sharing of benefits arising from utilization of such knowledge.Through the comparative analysis of EU and other countries legislation, this paper seeks to elaborate ideas and explicate ways of addressing these issues.

Key words:Access, benefit sharing, animal genetic resources, legislation

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